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German helmet M42 Heer single decal with half basket chicken wire



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SKU: GH155
Categorie: German Militaria, Helmets and headgear

German helmet of the type M42 in so called salty condition. The shell is solid but with rust and some damage to the back of the helmet. Due to this the maker and size markings are no longer visible. The helmet size will be a 64. At one point there would have been burlap underneath the wire. The material has attached itself to the shell. Traces of the structure of burlap can clearly be seen on the darker more rusty patches on the helmet. The Heer decal has been preserved very well and the chicken wire for camouflage purposes is still present. The chicken wire has been applied to the shell with uniform belt hooks and is originally applied. The helmet is complete with liner and chin strap. These are in the same condition as the shell. The leather of the liner and chin strap are still fairly supple and there are no large damages. The chin strap is full length, maker marked and dated. It looks like there are traces of blood in the liner and on the chin strap, these are the dark spots. Allthough this helmet is not in perfect condition it is still a very hard to find configuration with original decal and original chicken wire

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