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American M1 helmet for the Dutch “Stoottroepen”



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SKU: AH045
Categorie: American Militaria, Helmets and headgear

Special American M1 helmet with front seam and fixed bales. The shell is in very good condition and both parts of the webbing chin strap are present. What makes this shell special are the orange stencils. These were applied by the Dutch Stoottroepen. These type of helmets were marked in various ways. This one has 4 stencils. These are the Dutch lion, a vertical stripe on the front, a square and another vertical stripe on the back of the helmet. The Limburgse Stoottroepen were issued some American gear after the liberation of the South of Holland. Such as this M1 helmet. This however was very limited and that makes these helmets very rare. This shell was found recently. The liner is a Firestone liner. This liner was not found together with this shell. However they are a nice match for each other and this liner complements this rare shell very well. Hard to find helmet in used but good condition!

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